Factory Automation And Controls


SmartASI is our new and upcoming programmable FieldBus Master Controller. It boasts a wide range of features alongside its accompanying software VSLogix that set it apart from the competition.

  • Cost effective, Compact, High Performance FieldBus Master Device
  • Integrated PLC, Gateway and FieldBus Power Supply
  • Compact Form-Factor, fits inside conveyor channel
  • Sealed enclosure for protection against spills
  • Controls up to 31 slaves with onboard FieldBus power supply
  • Stores up to 6 different Ladder Programs, and can run up to 24 instances of those programs at the same time
  • Realtime monitoring of Program execution and Network State, with convenient debugging features like IO overriding


  • Onboard PSU for control of 31 FieldBus Slaves
  • Specially designed vampire Connectors to connect to FieldBus and Power Cables
  • PC Connection over Ethernet with built-in dual port ethernet for chaining large networks.


VSLogix is our accompanying software for the SmartASI PLC/Gateway controller. Create custom ladder programs, design conveyor layouts, configure FieldBus networks, and so much more.


  • Create programs using an advanced ladder editor with a wide array of coils and contacts at your disposal
  • Design Conveyer lines in our convenient drag-and-drop visual editor
  • Monitor ladder programs as they execute in real-time on the controller
  • Toggle program values while monitoring or override slave outputs for debugging
  • Log and track how many times slave outputs toggle for maintenance tracking, and O-Ring replacement schedule.


SmartASI and VSLogix Advanced Features Video

Price List

Part # Description Price Add to Order
9732 SmartASI IP67 Conveyor PLC+Gateway+PowerSupply $695 Add to order
GX20 GX20 MDR Control Card $195 Add to order