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SmartASI is our new and upcoming programmable FieldBus Master Controller. It boasts a wide range of features alongside its accompanying software VSLogix that set it apart from the competition.

  • Cost effective, Compact, High Performance FieldBus Master Device
  • Integrated PLC, Gateway and FieldBus Power Supply
  • Compact Form-Factor, fits inside conveyor channel
  • Sealed enclosure for protection against spills
  • Controls up to 30 slaves with onboard FieldBus power supply
  • VSLogix PC Software allows creation of Conveyor Types as ladder programs, that can be instantiated multuple times to create Conveyor Sections, as well as host of other features such as realtime monitoring and maintenance logging
  • Stores up to 10 different Conveyor Types, and can run up to 32 instances (Conveyor sections) of those conveyors at the same time


  • Onboard PSU for control of 30 FieldBus Slaves respectively
  • Specially designed vampire Connectors to connect to FieldBus and Power Cables
  • PC Connection over Ethernet with built-in dual port ethernet for chaining bigger networks.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity


VSLogix is our accompanying software for the SmartASI PLC/Gateway controller. Create custom ladder programs, design conveyor layouts, configure FieldBus networks, and so much more.


  • Create programs using an advanced ladder editor with a wide array of coils and contacts at your disposal
  • Design Conveyer lines in our convenient drag-and-drop visual editor
  • Monitor ladder programs as they execute in real-time on the controller
  • Toggle program values while monitoring or override slave outputs for debugging
  • Log and track how many times slave outputs toggle for maintenance tracking, and O-Ring replacement schedule.


SmartASI and VSLogix Advanced Features Video

Price List

Part # Description Price Add to Order
9732 SmartASI IP67 Conveyor PLC+Gateway+PowerSupply $695 Add to order
GX20 GX20 MDR Control Card $195 Add to order