Factory Automation And Controls


SmartASI is our new programmable Master Controller for conveyor systems to drive MDR Control Cards. It boasts a wide range of features alongside its accompanying software VSLogix:

  • Cost effective, Compact, High Performance PLC/Gateway Master Device
  • Integrated PLC, Gateway and Network Power Supply
  • Compact Form-Factor that fits inside conveyor channel
  • Sealed enclosure for protection against spills
  • Controls up to 31 drive cards with onboard Network power supply
  • Stores multiple Ladder Programs for different types of conveyor sections
  • Realtime monitoring of Program execution and Network State, with convenient debugging features like IO overriding
  • Dedicated Maintenance Logging Software for tracking Motor usage, temperature, and current over time, which helps to eliminate downtime


  • Onboard PSU to power network communications of 31 Drive Cards
  • Specially designed vampire Connectors to connect to Network and Power Cables
  • Dual-Port Ethernet for PC Connection and chaining large networks


VSLogix is our accompanying software for the SmartASI PLC/Gateway controller. Create custom ladder programs, design conveyor layouts, configure FieldBus networks, and so much more.


  • Create programs using an advanced ladder editor with a wide array of coils and contacts at your disposal
  • Design Conveyer lines in our convenient drag-and-drop visual editor
  • Monitor ladder programs as they execute in real-time on the controller
  • Toggle program values while monitoring or override slave outputs for debugging

Maintenance Logger

SmartASI is compatible with our maintenance logging software.


  • Log and track over time Motor data such as total Runtime, Peak Temperature, and Peak Current
  • View visual graphs for each MDR Control card to assess cumulative wear-and-tear
  • Create custom thresholds to receive notifications of anomalous activity, or when a motor needs to be replaced.


SmartASI and VSLogix Introduction

SmartASI and VSLogix Advanced Features Video

VSLogix ASI MDR Blink Demo

Setting MDR Speed using VSLogix and SmartASI Gateway

VSLogix Slave Extended Data

Price List

Part # Description Price Add to Order
9732 SmartASI IP67 Conveyor PLC+Gateway+PowerSupply $695 Add to order
GX20 GX20 MDR Control Card $195 Add to order