Factory Automation And Controls

The Octo24 Ethernet Programmable Controller provides networked 24volts Digital I/O for MDR Powered Roller Conveyor systems, as well as general purpose Fast Local/Remote Machine I/O. These Devices are fully programmable for any type of control application, and can act as a programmable master device, or a slaved network I/O device. The modules communicate over Ethernet to master or peer devices using Ethernet/IP, Modbus/TCP, and Profinet. For MDR conveyor systems, interlocking messaging bits e.g., upstream, downstream, merge, divert, etc are handled by the firmware for simplified Ladder Logic Programming.

Key Features

  1. IP67 Water proof, Sealed Connectors.
  2. 8 Digital 24V outputs, up to 0.5Amp per output.
  3. 8 Digital 24V opto-isolated inputs.
  4. Independent Power supply for the outputs so Estop does not turn off the CPU
  5. Programming over Ethernet Network.
  6. Free ladder logic programming software - SuperLogic
  7. Status LEDs for inputs, outputs, and Network
  8. Ethernet/IP, Modbus/TCP, Profinet Protocols.
  9. No PC-Host required for standalone operation
  10. Rotary DIP Switches for Network ID
  11. Average Scan time of 25 microsecond per rung.

The Octo24 cards are programmble using Ladder Logic. In addition, these cards can act as remote I/O for master PLCs or PC software. By selecting Remote-I/O checkbox in configuration, the card acts on I/O commands received from the master PLC, and does not execute any local ladder program.

These cards are well suited for distributed I/O system. Each card can have its own ladder logic program for I/O control, and can talk over ethernet to exchange I/O messages.

For centralized I/O, one card can act as master controller and controls up to 8 other slave Octo24 cards, which act as remote-i/o. The Remote-I/O cards inputs and outputs become local I/O on master controller. This method allows easy debugging and use only one ladder logic program for the whole system.

Price List

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