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GX20 is our new MDR Drive Card, equipped with two outputs for driving two MDR Rollers, as well as two inputs for generic IO. Intended for use alongside our SmartASI PLC and Gateway.

  • Cost effective High Performance FieldBus Slave Device
  • Compact Form-Factor that fits inside conveyor channel
  • Sealed enclosure for protection against spills
  • Direction Control for MDR Rollers

The GX20 MDR Control Card is a device used in Conveyor systems for controlling and driving MDR rollers. Each GX20 card can control up to two motors. Compatible rollers include:

  • Interroll EC310
  • Interroll EC5000 24V AI (20W / 35W / 50W)
  • Rulmeca BL3
  • Itoh Denki PM500XK
  • Itoh Denki PM500XC
  • And more

The GX20 allows quick installation of the control system using M8 plugs and Snap-On mounting hardware. The device uses vampire connectors for easy connection to the Data network and Power cables. This allows for significant reductions in installation costs as well as maintenance. The system allows hot-swapping of these cards in case a unit needs to be replaced. The GX20 is housed in a water-protected enclosure (IP64 splash proof rating). The GX20 MDR Control Card allows up to 3 Amp of continuous current, 1.5Amp @ 48V for each motor and has a built-in resettable fuse for protection against over-current condition. The resettable fuse will automatically reset once the power is cycled and over-current error has been resolved


  • Specially designed Snap-On mounting hardware to make quick and easy installation
  • 2 On-Board M8 5-Pin Plugs for Motor Control
  • 2 On-Board M8 4-Pin Plugs for Digital Input
  • Housed in a water-protected enclosure
  • Motor Current and Temperature Sensing Options Available
  • Route cables through difficult pathways

GX20 Manuals/Guides

GX20 Hardware Manual

Price List

Part # Description Price Add to Order
9732 SmartASI IP67 Conveyor PLC+Gateway+PowerSupply $695 Add to order
GX20 GX20 MDR Control Card $195 Add to order