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EC01 is the latest in line of our HiCON series of motion controllers. It is an EtherCat Master Controller that works with the latest Mach4 software as well as custom Windows .Net apps. For Mach4 CNC software, our HiCON Mach4 plugin provides feature rich functionality to enable the best experience with Mach4 and Ethercat technologies.

  • Cost effective High Performance EtherCAT Master Device
  • Interfaces with Mach4 through HiCON plugin over separate Ethernet Port
  • Free PC Software 'EC-Link' for easy configuration of Ethercat Slave Devices
  • Compact form-factor with built in Digital and Analog I/O
  • No Special computer or motherboard required to run the Ethercat master
  • Use any Mach4 version of your choice - Hobby, Industrial or Expert
  • Built on proven and reliable HiCON Motion Controller Platform (Used 24/7 in many Industrial machine shops arround the world)
  • .Net Windows libraries for custom apps (coming soon)

List EtherCAT Drives and Modules in use by our customers:

  • Mitsubishi MR-JET, MR-J5, MR-J4
  • Mitsubishi MELSERVO-J5 - 3 Axis Drives
  • Omron 1S series
  • Yaskawa Sigma7 SGD7S
  • Yaskawa Sigma5 SGDV
  • Beckhoff I/O Modules EK1100, EL1004, EL2024...
  • Maxon EPOS4
  • Festo CMMT-AS, CMMT-ST (CMMT Only)
  • Advantech AMAX I/O Block
  • Rtelligent Ethercat Drives
  • JMC Ethercat Drives
  • Maxine EP3E-EC
  • Beijing CTB Technology 3-Axis Drives
  • Delta ASDA-A2
  • HiWIN EtherCAT
  • LeadShine EM3E-A882 (Automation Tech)

Note: Any EtherCAT Drive that supports CSP (Cyclic Synchronous Position) and any EtherCAT I/O Module with 1ms Cycle time should be compatible with EC01

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  • 8 Digital Inputs NPN Optical Isolated
  • 4 Digital Outputs NPN 1Amp ea Optical Isolated
  • 2 Relay N.O. Dry Contacts
  • Optional Expansion Plugs for 7535P and 7535N
  • PC Connection over Ethernet. No Special Motherboard Required.
  • Optional Analog Output 0-10V for spindle (Requires Activation at purchase-time)
  • Optional Encoder Input for Spindle Lathe Threading