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CN425 Tee Connectors provide fast and reliable network-drop connections for Five-Wire Network installations. Specially suited for DeviceNET and other CAN networks, these connectors provide considerable price advantage compared to molded Tee’s and cables.

CN425 use high strength 5-pin screw terminals for quick and easy termination of network cables. The plastic housing provide protection against dust and other elements that may damage the wiring. These connectors are designed to work with the following cables:

  1. Belden Cable 3086A ( datasheet )
  2. Turck Mid Cable 5711, 5722, 5723 ( website, datasheet )


  1. Buy network cable in bulk and save thousands in cable costs.
  2. Make the cable lengths to meet your exact length requirements and avoid coiling extra bulky cable inside the conduits.
  3. Match color codes with the cable inside the connector for easy and error-free wiring.
  4. Drop-cable with 5 Pin phoenix-style connectors (0.2" or 0.15" pitch)
  5. High current Screw terminals - 12 Amps current capacity per pin.
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CN425 CAN Tee Connector $55 Add to order