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Start with Mach4 profile available on our website. Modify this profile to match your machine. Do not use encoder feedback right away Once motor start working with step and direction, then calculate feedback gain for each encoder, and then enable encoder feedback.

For more information refer: Closed loop PID configuration

For Closed loop Product listing visit HiCON Integra

Note: If the driver is already enabled by default, then there's no need to wire the Enable. Users get confused and spend a lot of time not knowing this.








ARCPRO: Arc-OK Signal

The 'Torch Height Control' feature of the Integra motion controller waits for 'Arc OK' signal after the torch head lifts to ignition height and turns ON for 5sec. Wihout 'Arc OK' signal at this point(within 5sec after torch is on), the THC sequence is aborted by the Integra controller. In order to continue with the rest of plasma cut sequence, Arc-OK signal must be turned on until the end. The following image shows steps in a 'Plasma-cut' sequence.

It's important to note that the 'Arc OK' signal must be mapped to 'THC ON' Input signal on Mach4. The following image shows the 'THC-Signals' mapping on Mach4.

It's highly recommended that one follows the ArcPro Plasma Guide document well before trying the 'Torch Height Control' feature.


On the Z-Axis, make sure there is no offset (G54, G55, G56, ...). The other axis X or Y etc can still have offsets defined. The 'ArcPro v1' uses the machine coordinates on Z-axis, hence choosing an offset on Z-axis may swap the probe direction and create a problem.

How to do a fresh install of HiCON Plugins Files

Copy any mach4 license files in the licese folder to a safe location.

Please uninstall the old mach4 version completely.

Make sure C:\Mach4Hobby is completely removed or any other mach4 folder in the C:\ directory.

Now download fresh mach4 version from their website: Mach4 Download Page

download the latest plugin: Integra Plugins Download

extract and copy only the .m4pw and .sig files to mach4 plugins folder.

Download the sample mach4 profile for integra from vital system: Mach4_Integra_Mill.m4prof

Launch Mach4 Loader icon on your desktop and select import profile and go the above downloaded sample profile location and select it.

You will see Integra in the profile selection and launch it.

When ref-all pressed, motor stops after some motion

The BackOff speed setting on HiCON plugin config window must be given a good value.

If it's zero or too low, the motor won't move away from the sensor.

Connecting 7737 to a Servo Drive e.g. Yaskawa

The 7737 wiring with a motor drive is discussed in the 7737_wiring.pdf manual. The wiring of the Encoders and Step/Dir RJ45's are clearly explained in the manual with "Drive Error" connecting to "Alarm" and "Drive Enable" connected to "Servo ON" of the Servo Drive.

The terminals "Servo ON" on Servo Drive connects with '+24V' and 'Drive Enable' from 7737. Some Drives only use 5volts, so please check before you hookup 24V.

The terminals "Alarm" on Motor Drive connects 'Drive Error' and 'Digital IO GND' from 7737.

The Enable and Alarm terminals that you can connect to 7737 for instance on "Yaskawa" Servo Drive you may find similar setup on your specific drive.

7737 Enable on VSI Device Manager

The features of 7737 like ESTOP and Motor Step/Dir signals will not work unless the port (J7/J8) is enabled using the VSI Device Manager and downloaded on to the Integra board.

On your VSI Device Manager, select your HiCON motion controller and select "HiCON" tab

Check "Value Enabled" and hit on "Download" button.

This ensures that 7737 that you are going to use with J7/J8 is going to switch from I/O to Step/Dir Channels.