Factory Automation And Controls

The LogicON Software Suite allows programming distributed Ethernet Smart3G I/O controllers from a central Windows PC using Ladder Logic. Multiple networks of I/O cards are supported for optimum I/O scanning performance. LogicON Software Suite is comprised of a backend Soft PLC and a front end Studio interface. The Soft PLC can execute multiple Ladder Logic programs within sub millisecond scan time.

The front-end Studio software sports dockable windows that allow the user, among other features, to create and monitor ladder programs and configure networks of Smart3G cards. The Studio also shows real time I/O scanning performance to debug network and I/O issues. The Ladder Logic programming includes a rich set of commands including TCP/IP messaging to other applications on the local or remote PC.

Software Components

LogicON Studio

LogicON Studio is an application used to configure and interface with the Soft PLC, as well as to create, debug and monitor Ladder Logic programs.

Key Highlights:
  1. Configure and control the Soft PLC with feature-rich tools.
  2. Create powerful Ladder Logic Programs with a diverse set of commands and system files to work with.
  3. Control the Soft PLC’s performance and System Files while in action.
  4. Monitor the Soft PLC network as well as each individual Smart3G device.
  5. Manage your workspace with visual studio-style docking window panels.

A Rich Ladder Logic Editor

Graphical System Design - Add conveyor objects using drag and drop mouse actions. Interlocks between conveyor sections are added automatically

PLC Status: See ladder files data in realtime as your program is executing.

Device Properties View: Inpect I/O status of each Smart3G card without using SuperLogic. Also show how fast data is being received from the cards.

User Defined Tags: Assign easy to remember text to difficult names of SoftPLC objects and addresses.

LogicON Soft PLC

LogicON Soft PLC is a software PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) for the Windows platform and specially designed for Smart 3G PLC cards integration for warehouse automation application..

  1. Create a master PLC that can simultaneously work with several Smart3G devices over multiple networks.
  2. Hi-speed and precise Smart3G device scanning.
  3. Run multiple Ladder Logic Programs in parallel with sub-millisecond speeds.
  4. Interact with other devices and applications with message sending and receiving using multiple Network Protocols (e.g. Ethernet UDP, TCP).

LogicON Event Logger

LogicON Event Logger is an application specifically designed to receive event messages from the Logic Soft PLC. The EventLog is a very effective tool in debugging issues in the system or the ladder programs.

  1. Capture events from the Soft PLC even from a remote computer.
  2. Events are time-stamped, custom-colored, and filtered by custom categories for manageable logging.
  3. Events text is displayed in separate windows for each catagory.
  4. Automatically writes captured events to a file for future reference.


Part # Description Price Add to Order
LogicON-Lite LogicON Soft PLC - Lite Version $2500 Add to order
LogicON-Pro LogicON Soft PLC - Pro Version $3000 Add to order