Factory Automation And Controls

Vital Systems ArcPro V2 Plasma Control provides a tight control-loop operation in an integrated torch height control system.

ArcPro V2 reads the torch tip voltage through a 0-10V isolated analog input on the motion controller. This reading is used to control the torch axis motion in a real-time process.

ArcPro V2 implements voltage Anti-Dive and feedrate Anti-Dive Protection features. Anti-Dive prevents the THC from dropping the torch into a cut hole, diving into corners, or diving at the end of a cut.

When the XY cutting speed slows down, especially when moving at corners, the torch will continue to remove material and cause the tip voltage to rise. The response from the THC is to lower the torch. Feedrate Anti-Dive works by setting a feedrate set point. When the cutting feedrate drops below the set value, Anti-Dive is engaged and the Z-Axis motion is disabled.

When the torch tip moves over a hole during cutting, the plasma tip voltage increases. The response from the THC is to lower the torch. Voltage Anti-Dive works by continuously sampling the tip voltage. When an increase in tip voltage exceeds the sampled value threshold, Anti-Dive is engaged and the Z-Axis motion is disabled.

The ArcPro V2 THC Screen for Mach4 allows the user to enter all parameters necessary for Plasma operation.

ArcPro V2 Combo

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Price List

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77E4 HiCON Mini 4-Axis Motion Controller $375 Add to order
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