Factory Automation And Controls

Vital Systems ArcPro Plasma Control offers a tight control-loop integration with most THC devices available in the market.

ArcPro uses the up/Down control signals from the THC device to command the Z motion in a real-time process inside the motion controller.

Anti-Dive Protection: ArcPro implements the Anti-Dive Protection feature. Anti-Dive prevents the THC from dropping the torch into a cut hole, diving into corners, or diving at the end of a cut. When the XY cutting speed slows down, the plasma tip voltage increases. The response from the THC is to lower the torch. Anti-Dive works by setting a feedrate set point. When the cutting feedrate drops below the set value, Anti-Dive is engaged and the Z-Axis motion is disabled.

The ArcPro THC Screen for Mach4 allows the user to enter all parameters necessary for Plasma operation.

Example of THC device with Up/Down Signals is THC150 from http://eagleplasma.com ( User Manual THC150 )

ArcPro Combo

Buy ArcPro Combo and save hundreds of dollars. Includes Integra Motion Controller 7766, Mach4 Hobby License, THC150, ArcPro screen and activation, and 24V/5V power supply. Scroll to the botom of this page to see purchasing options.

Price List

Part # Description Price Add to Order
ArcProSet ArcPro Plasma Combo $1355 Add to order


7766M4 HiCON Integra-Pro & Mach4-Hobby License ($20 Discount) $775 Add to order
M4ARCPRO Mach4 ArcPro Screen with Activation $350 Add to order
THC150 Proma Elektronica Compact THC 150 $295 Add to order
PS-RD-35B 24V/5V Power Supply $35 Add to order