Factory Automation And Controls

Vital Systems ArcPro Plasma Control offers a tight control-loop integration with tip voltage from Plasma Torch. The Tip voltage sensor pn 77ISO plugs into the HiCON Integra motion controller. The Tip voltage must be step down using a 30:1 or 50:1 divider to bring it in 0-10 volts range.

ArcPro Firmware inside the HiCON controller monitors the Plasma Torch Tip voltage in real-time to command the height Z motion to follow the profile of the material. This method provide fast response time and eliminates delays associated with ethernet and windows overhead. Higher cutting speeds are acheived, as well as diving into holes are avoided.

Anti-Dive Protection: ArcPro implements the Anti-Dive Protection feature. Anti-Dive prevents the THC from dropping the torch into a cut hole, diving into corners, or diving at the end of a cut. When the XY cutting speed slows down, especially when moving at corners, the torch will continue to remove material and cause the tip voltage to rise. The response from the THC is to lower the torch. Anti-Dive works by setting a feedrate set point. When the cutting feedrate drops below the set value, Anti-Dive is engaged and the Z-Axis motion is disabled.

HiCON ArcPro also let you move the torch in reverse XY direction to backtrack the cutting path in case the flame was lost during cut.

The ArcPro THC Screen for Mach4 allows the user to enter all parameters necessary for Plasma operation.

ArcPro Combo

Buy ArcPro Combo and get a discounted price. Includes Integra Motion Controller 7866, Mach4 Hobby License, Tip Voltage Sensor board, ArcPro screen and activation, and 24V power supply. Scroll to the botom of this page to see purchasing options.

Price List

Part # Description Price Add to Order
ArcProSet ArcPro Set (Integra,Mach4H,77iso,ArcPro,Pwr24v) $1230 Add to order


INTEGRA-M4 HiCON Integra & Mach4-Hobby License ($20 Discount) $775 Add to order
M4ARCPRO Mach4 ArcPro Screen with Activation $350 Add to order
77ISO Plasma Tip Voltage Adapter Board $95 Add to order
PW50V24 Power Supply 24V 2.2A 50W $40 Add to order