Factory Automation And Controls

This product has been discontinued. Please refer to the DSPMC for Analog Control.

Product Overview

Our Flagship HiCON Integra Motion controller coupled with the 8xANA Adapter board offers 8 channels Analog Outputs ±10V for Servo Drives, and 8 channels Analog Inputs ±10V for general purpose high speed CNC applications. The 8xANA Adaptor board is a plug and play board that goes right onto J7 of the HiCON Integra 7866 Motion Controller.

This adapter board renders a DSPMC-like analog servo driving feature to the Integra 7866 Motion Controller. With the exisiting 6 Step and Direction channels on Integra, the package provides excellent integration with Mach4 CNC software for both analog servos and digital drives.

Product Highlights

  • 8 Channels ±10V Analog Outputs for Analog Servo Drives
  • 8 Channels ±10V Analog Inputs
  • Ethernet 100Mb connectivity using TCP/IP interface.
  • Advanced PID compensation with velocity feedforward, integration limits, and low-pass filter.
  • Dedicated limit and estop sensor inputs for ultra-fast system disarm
  • 100% Mach4 Compatible
  • Optional Standalone Operation by programming the unit with BASIC or C programming language for high-speed I/O processing.
  • SDK Libraries available for Advanced Software Developers
  • Closed loop activation included with discount packages

  • 8xANA Adapter Board

    8xANA adapter board provide 8 channels of high speed analog I/O with ±10V range. The Analog output signals can be directly connected to drive Servo Amplifier speed or torque reference inputs.
    The adapter board comes in -S and -M models. the S model does not include analog inputs, while the M model has both analog inputs and outputs

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    7866 HiCON Integra Motion Controller 6-Axis $595 Add to order
    INTG-CLOOP HiCON Integra Closed Loop Activation $495 Add to order