Factory Automation And Controls

Programmable Logic Controllers & SoftPLC

LogicON SoftPLC Suite

LogicON SoftPLC Suite:

The LogicON Software Suite allows programming distributed Ethernet Smart3G I/O controllers from a central Windows PC using Ladder Logic. Multiple networks of I/O cards are supported for optimum I/O scanning performance. LogicON Software Suite is comprised of a backend Soft PLC and a front end Studio interface. The Soft PLC can execute multiple Ladder Logic programs within sub millisecond scan time.

Smart3G I/O Controller

Smart3G I/O Controller

The Smart-3G Ethernet Programmable Controller (pn 5732P) provides networked 24volts Digital I/O for MDR Powered Roller Conveyor systems, as well as general purpose Fast Local/Remote Machine I/O. These Devices are fully programmable for any type of control application, and can act as a programmable master device, or a slaved network I/O device. The modules communicate over Ethernet to master or peer devices using Ethernet/IP, Modbus/TCP and S3G-Master/Slave protocols.

SuperLogic Ladder Logic


SuperLogic is a powerful ladder logic program development software. It allows the user to edit ladder program graphically in windows environment. Once the program is written, it is downloaded to the controller over Serial Port or Ethernet Link. When the program is launched in the controller, the user can see the running program and I/O states for quick and efficient debugging.