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EtherCAT Adapter Board (pn7729)

The EtherCAT Adapter Board (pn7729) is an extension to the DSPMC Ethernet Motion Controller (pn7762) that is designed as a solution for EtherCAT capabilities with Mach4. EtherCAT greatly simplifies wiring the Servo Drives to the motion controller while maintaining command and feedback signal integrity.

Controller Features

  • Easy plug-in installation with DSPMC (pn7762).
  • CANOpen over Ethercat Implementation.
  • Supports CANopen drive profile (CIA402).
  • Real-time EtherCAT communication.
  • Simplified EtherCAT drive config and operation.
  • Cyclic Synchronous Positioning.

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Part # Description Price Add to Order
7729 EtherCAT Adapter Board $550 Add to order
7762S DSPMC/IP -S 8-Axis Motion Controller $1095 Add to order
7762M DSPMC/IP 8-Axis Motion Controller with 8 Analog Inputs $1295 Add to order
MACH4-INDUSTRIAL Mach4-Industrial Software License $1170 Add to order
Mach4-Hobby Mach4-Hobby Software License $200 Add to order
MPG06ED MPG06 Unit w/ DB15M + EStop Button + Differential Encoder $295 Add to order