VSI Motion Control API

The VSI Motion Control API allows you to develop custom PC-based applications that can seamlessly communicate with the motion controller over Ethernet to perform sophisticated motion sequences and I/O control. The API is a set of native Windows libraries designed as a simple yet comprehensive motion control interface for VSI Ethernet Motion Controllers such as the DSPMC and HiCON Integra. Your custom application can be written in C/C++ or any .NET languages.

API Features

  • Compact Native Libraries
  • The VSI Motion Control API libraries are made in native C/C++ which allow them to be integrated into any kind of application platform (C/C++ or .NET).

  • Cross-platform support
  • The VSI Motion Control API libraries are designed for minimal porting to provide compatibility across multiple platforms.

  • Simplified program flow for ease of integration
  • The hardware abstraction layer handles most “lower-level” operations, such as network communication and motion control, leaving the user with invoking only the necessary control functions.

  • Verbose Debugging Console
  • The VSI Motion Control API has built-in functionality to open a console window which prints all messages and notifications.

  • High-Speed UDP network communication
  • Communication with VSI Motion Controllers is handled via Ethernet through the use of UDP transmission. This ensures high-speed, low-latency, and lossless data integrity. Command Data and Status data can be exchanged at a minimum rate of 5ms for extremely fast response times.

  • Single-Axis or Coordinated Multi-Axis Motion Control
  • Single-Axis Control allows the user to manipulate each axis one by one. Each axis is controlled independently from the others allowing the user to manually synchronize motion. Coordinated Multi-Axis control allows the user to move multiple axes at once in a coordinated Linear (G0 or G1), or Arc (G2 or G3) trajectory with a specified trajectory velocity and acceleration.

  • Multiple motion modes: Relative, Absolute, Velocity
  • Relative motion moves an axis to a specified target position in relation to the current position. Absolute motion moves an axis to an absolute target position. Velocity motion moves an axis indefinitely in the given direction.

  • GCode Support (NEW!)

  • The SDK has recently added the power of a GCode interpreter. Command motion with the powerful and familiar GCode language.

Program Flowchart

EtherCAT Support

The SDK has been updated with support for our EC01 EtherCAT Motion Controller. In Combination with the EC01, you can:

  • Command up to 12 motors
  • Retrieve runtime data from drives such as Torque
  • Manipulate large amounts of IO

Sample Projects

C# Sample Projects

VB6 Sample Projects

VB.NET Sample Projects

  • HiCON Motion API Sample(VB.NET)
  • This example shows how to properly interface and operate with the HiCON. It also makes use of most features such as Digital and Analog I/O manipulation, motion, and more. Users will find this sample particularly helpful for a good starting point.