SuperLogicPro Software


SuperLogic Pro is a graphical and feature-rich ladder-logic programming environment for the Smart3G cards that is developed to meet industrial programming standards for many specialized applications. Operation-wise, the SuperLogicPro application also serves as the direct interface to the connected Smart3G card.

  • Create robust, powerful, and reusable ladder-logic programs and download them to cards.
  • Upload and Modify existing ladder-logic programs straight from a Smart3G card.
  • Monitor and debug program execution during runtime.
  • Temporarily change Ladder Files contents while monitoring without altering rungs.
  • Drag-and-drop Graphical User Interface for simple, yet extensive ladder-logic programming.
  • Advanced barcode lookup and compare commands.
  • Design Ladder Programs using subroutines for modular and maintainable systems.

A Feature-rich Ladder Logic editor

Import older Superlogic programs easily

Real-time Smart3G monitoring which allows direct modification of internal files.

Write subroutines for more modular programs

Built-in barcode lookup functionality.


NOTE: Some systems may require the 2010 C++ redistributable package if not already installed.

For OCTO24 (Any Version) and Smart3G devices (v8.11 or newer)

SuperLogicPro 4.4.7 (Latest)

For Smart3G devices (firmware v8.06 or older)

SuperlogicPro 2015

For Smart3G devices (firmware v6.xx or older)

Superlogic and Deploy3G Bundle for 3G v6.32