Breakout Boards

Differential Step/Dir and Encoder Board (pn7737)

The pn7737 Differential Step/Dir and Encoder Board allows access to the Step/Dir channels and more Encoder channels for the HiCON Integra and DSPMC motion controllers. When used along with the Drive Interface Board for Yaskawa or Maxsine motors, the 7737 allows a simple plug-and-play setup from motion controller to Yaskawa and Maxsine AC Servo Drives.

  • Color-coded RJ45 plugs for Controller to Drive Step/Dir and Encoder cables.
  • 4 Differential Encoder Channels
  • 4 Step/Dir Output Channels
  • Drive Enable and 1 General Purpose 24V NPN Outputs
  • Hardware Estop and Drive Error Inputs

Connection Diagrams:

7737 $195
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Digital I/O Termination Board (pn 7535P & 7535N)

The I/O Termination board (pn 7535P and 7535N) provides optically isolated digital I/O. Each board has 16 input terminals and 8 output terminals. The board connects directly to the motion controller via 26pin ribbon cable. All I/Os are optically isolated and are clearly marked for quick and easy installation.

  • LEDs for every I/O
  • 2 Amps output current capacity
  • 7535P - PNP I/O (Sourcing)
  • 7535N - NPN I/O (Sinking)
  • Optically Isolated Digital I/O

16 Inputs, grouped as Terminal banks of 4 inputs each, with a total of 4 banks.

Input voltage range of 12 to 30 Volts DC..


8 Outputs, grouped as two terminal banks of 4 outputs each. Output Current Capacity of 2 Amps per output, 10 to 30VDC.

Connection Diagrams:
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Breakout Board for DSPMCv3 w/ Cable

Breakout board with easy termination points for DSPMCv3. Used for easy access to IO pins such as:

  • Analog Inputs/Outputs
  • Encoder Channels
7711 $55
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DAC/ADC/Encoder Termination Board for MOTENC-Lite (pn7525)

The 7525 Breakout board provides terminations for Encoders, DAC, and ADC for MOTENC-Lite PCI board. The board has 4 Differential Encoder Inputs (A, B, and Index), 8 DAC Analog Outputs and 8 ADC Analog Inputs. The board connects directly to the ENC/DAC/ADC ribbon cable connectors on the MOTENC-Lite PCI board. All signals are clearly marked for quick and easy installation. A jumper setting allows power for the Encoders to be drawn from the PC or from an external source. When using PC power, the encoders are supplied 5V DC @ 1A for all four encoders.

Connection Diagram: 7525 wiring Details

7525 $75
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