PLC/Gateway and MDR Conveyor

Vital Systems offers many PLCs and Gateways for MDR Conveyor application, each offering their own unique capabilities and features. This page aims to help you narrow down exactly which product is for you.

Smart3G Ethernet PLC

  • The Smart-3G Ethernet Programmable Controller (pn 5732P) provides networked 24V Digital I/O for MDR Powered Roller Conveyor systems and general-purpose fast local/remote machine I/O, supporting Ethernet/IP, Modbus/TCP, and Profinet protocols.
  • It features 8 digital 24V outputs (up to 1 Amp per output), 8 digital 24V inputs, and comes with free ladder logic programming software, SuperLogic, for easy configuration and programming.
  • The controller can function as a programmable master device or a slaved network I/O device, with firmware handling interlocking messaging bits for MDR conveyor systems to simplify Ladder Logic Programming.
  • Equipped with status LEDs, quick disconnect Phoenix I/O connectors, rotary DIP switches for Network ID, and a serial port for barcode readers and other peripherals, it ensures efficient standalone operation without needing a PC host.
  • The Smart-3G cards can act as distributed I/O systems with individual ladder logic programs or centralized I/O systems where one master controller manages up to 8 slave cards, streamlining system control and debugging.
  • Visit the Smart3G Page to learn more

    Octo24 Ethernet Conveyor PLC (8 In/8 Out)

  • The Octo24 Ethernet Programmable Controller offers networked 24-volt digital I/O for MDR Powered Roller Conveyor systems and versatile Fast Local/Remote Machine I/O.
  • It is fully programmable for diverse control applications and can function as a programmable master device or a slaved network I/O device, communicating over Ethernet via Ethernet/IP, Modbus/TCP, and Profinet protocols.
  • Designed with IP67 waterproof sealed connectors, it features 8 digital 24V outputs (0.5Amp per output) and 8 digital 24V opto-isolated inputs, with independent power supply for outputs to ensure uninterrupted CPU operation during emergency stops (Estop).
  • The controller supports programming over Ethernet network using the free ladder logic software - SuperLogic, and includes status LEDs for inputs, outputs, and network, along with rotary DIP switches for network ID configuration.
  • Octo24 cards can be programmed with ladder logic and can serve as remote I/O for master PLCs or PC software, allowing for distributed I/O systems or centralized control with one card acting as master controller for up to 8 slave Octo24 cards.
  • Visit the Octo24 Page to learn more

    GX20 MDR Control Card

    Introducing the GX20, our new MDR control card based on EtherCAT technology. Designed for conveyor systems, it features two high current MDR motor outputs and two inputs for photoeyes. The GX20 boasts high performance in a compact form-factor that fits within conveyor channels. It offers direction control for MDR rollers and includes built-in protections such as a resettable fuse for short circuits and reverse polarity protection. The card provides diagnostic data like individual motor current, peak current, and input voltage. Additionally, free programming software is included for various conveyor automation tasks such as accumulation and cross-transfer. Users can also plot motor current trends to predict and prevent failures, and log on/off cycles to schedule preventive maintenance. The GX20 is a cost-effective solution, priced as low as $75 each for volume purchases.

    Visit the GX20 Page to learn more

    SuperLogicPro Software

    SuperLogic Pro is a graphical and feature-rich ladder-logic programming environment for the Smart3G cards that is developed to meet industrial programming standards for many specialized applications. Operation-wise, the SuperLogicPro application also serves as the direct interface to the connected Smart3G card.

    Visit the SuperLogicPro Software Page to learn more