ArcPro CNC Plasma Table Control Retrofit & Upgrade Kit


ArcPro is built for Industrial Plasma Machines

  • Vital Systems has many years of Plasma Controller experience and we work with leading Plasma industrial OEMs across the globe.
  • ArcPro Plasma Control offers a high-performace industrial torch height control system for Plasma Tables.
  • The ArcPro Package includes: Mach4 Hobby License, Tip Voltage Sensor, and Motion Controller with built-In Torch Height Control algorithim.
  • ArcPro reads the torch tip voltage through a 0-10V isolated analog input on the motion controller, and uses this data to control the Z axis motion in a real-time process.
  • ArcPro lets the operator easily switch the Plasma cutting parameters based on the material being worked on just by changing the Tool number in mach4.

ArcPro also implements voltage Anti-Dive and feedrate Anti-Dive features. Anti-Dive prevents the THC from plunging the torch into a cut hole, diving into corners, or diving at the end of a cut.

Feedrate (FR) Anti-Dive: When the XY cutting speed slows down, especially at corners, the torch will continue to remove material and will dig itself into a hole. To avoid diving in this situation, the Feedrate Anti-Dive works by setting a feedrate percentage. When the actual feedrate drops below the set percentage of the commanded feedrate, FR Anti-Dive is engaged and the Z-Axis motion is disabled.

Tip Voltage (TV) Anti-Dive: When the torch tip moves over a hole during cutting, the plasma tip voltage increases. The response from the THC is to lower the torch. To avoid diving into existing holes, the Voltage Anti-Dive works by continuously sampling the tip voltage. When the tip voltage exceeds the threshold value within a period of 50 millisec time slot, Anti-Dive is engaged and the Z-Axis motion is locked. When the tip-voltage comes back to previous cut voltage, the Z motion is unlocked.

Now supporting Cut Recovery with ArcPRO Plasma:

Resume halted jobs at any point with the click of a button. Simply jog near the desired point on the toolpath and click 'Cut Recovery'. The system will precisely position the torch to the point on the toolpath and resume the cut from that point.

ArcPro Screen

(Available upon purchase)

The ArcPro Plasma is also compatible with the ArcPro Plasma Screen v4. This offers several key features such as Saving/Loading THC settings, and also provides a convenient user interface to configure and monitor THC operations.


Set THC settings not specific to materials, as well as provides a convenient interface for monitoring the state of the controller while THC is active.

Parameters Table

Edit material specific THC settings from the THC Parameters screen. Settings are automatically loaded when THC is activated based on the current tool number.



ArcPro 7866 Plasma Combo

Package Includes:

ArcPro EC01 Plasma Combo

Package Includes:

ArcPro 77E4 Plasma Combo

Package Includes:

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Discount Offer

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Here are some pointers for creating a good demo video:
  • This is a good example video a previous customer made for us.
  • The video demonstrates a part being created.
  • The video specifically shows our controller wired up and operating in a clean well organized panel.
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Price List


7866PL $1295
ArcPro Plasma Combo ($150 discount) Includes: 7866 Motion Controller, ArcPro Logic and Screen, Plasma Tip Voltage Sensor, Mach4 Hobby, 24V Power Supply Add to order
EC01PL $1295
ArcPro Plasma Combo ($150 discount) Includes: EC01-4 EtherCAT Motion Controller, ArcPro Plasma Height Control Logic and Mach Screen, Plasma Tip Voltage Sensor, Mach4 Hobby, 24V Controller Power Supply Add to order
77E4PL $595
ArcPro Plasma Combo ($150 discount) Includes: 77E4 Motion Controller, ArcPro logic and screen, Plasma Tip Voltage Sensor, Mach4 Hobby, 24V Power Supply Add to order


Mach4-Hobby $200
Mach4-Hobby Software License Add to order
Mach4-Industrial Software License Add to order
Mach4 ArcPro Screen with THC Activation Add to order
77ISO $195
Plasma Tip Voltage Adapter Board Add to order
PW50V24 $40
Power Supply 24V 2.2A 50W Add to order
7866 $595
HiCON Integra Motion Controller 6-Axis Add to order
77E4AN $325
HiCON Mini Motion Controller w/ Built-In Plasma Tip Voltage Sensor Add to order