CAN/DeviceNET Products

CAN Bus Extender

CAN Bus Extender Highlights:

  1. Status LEDs for Network Power, Transmit Packet, Receive Packet, and Error condition
  2. CAN2.0 Standard and Extended Frame Support
  3. No PC-Host required
  4. No MAC ID assignment needed
  5. 1000 feet cable length on each side at 125Kbps(eg Belden Cable 3086A or better)
  6. Less than 1 mili-second required for packet transfer from one channel to the other
  7. Powered by network
  8. Networks Optically isolated
  9. 1900 packets/second total thru-put (Full Duplex)

Dual Channel DeviceNET/CAN PCI Adapter

DeviceNET/CAN PCI dual channel card Highlights:

  1. State-of-the-art DeviceNET/CAN PCI dual channel card
  2. Diagnostic LEDs for each channel
  3. Windows XP Driver (WDM)
  4. Driver API provides complete access to the CAN network
  5. CIS Server software provide bus access to multiple clients
  6. DNMCIS Server Software for scanning polled slave devices on DeviceNET

Tee Connectors

DeviceNet/CAN Network Tee Connectors, DeviceNET Cable and Connectors

CN425 Tee Connectors provide fast and reliable network-drop connections for Five-Wire Network installations. Specially suited for DeviceNET and other CAN networks, these connectors provide considerable price advantage compared to molded Tee’s and cables. CN425 use high strength 5-pin screw terminals for quick and easy termination of network cables. The plastic housing provide protection against dust and other elements that may damage the wiring.