GX20 MDR Control Card


GX20 is our new MDR control Card based on EtherCAT Technology, equipped with two high current MDR motor outputs, as well as two inputs for photoeyes. GX20 MDR Control Card is used in Conveyor systems for controlling and driving MDR rollers.

Key Features

  • High Performance and rugged EtherCAT MDR control card.
  • Compact Form-Factor that fits inside conveyor channel.
  • Direction Control for MDR Rollers.
  • Built-in resettable fuse for short circuit protection and automatic recovery.
  • Built-in reverse polarity protection.
  • Diagnostic data e.g. individual motor current, peak current, input voltage.
  • Free programming software for conveyor automation, e.g. accumulation, merge, cross-transfer etc.
  • Free Software to plot current trend graph. Plot motor current trend to flag impending motor failures and take early action to avoid downtime.
  • Free Software to log on/off cycle count and initiate workorder to perform preventive maintainence on MDR conveyor components like nylon rings and belts.
  • Lowest cost and feature rich, as low as $75 ea for volume purchase.

Compatible rollers include:

  • Interroll EC310
  • Interroll EC5000 24V AI (20W / 35W / 50W)
  • Rulmeca BL3
  • Itoh Denki PM500XK
  • Itoh Denki PM500XC
  • And more
The GX20 allows quick installation of the control system using M8 plugs motors and photoeyes, and quick-connect flat cable power connection. The device uses RJ45 Ethernet cables for easy connection for network daisy chain cards and Gateway. The GX20 MDR Control Card allows a combined 7 Amp continuous current for motors, with 10 Amp peak current. Built-in resettable fuse for protection against over-current and short circuit. The resettable fuse will automatically reset once the over-current error has been resolved and power is cycled on the card.