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EC01 is the latest in line of our HiCON series. It is an EtherCat Master Controller that works with Mach4. We are currently testing the unit and working on documentation. If you are interested to become a beta tester, please contact us with your system info to register as a beta tester. If you can proivde us a marketing Video of your machine working with our EC01 EtherCAT motion controller, we will refund upto $500 of purchase price.

  • Cost effective high quality EtherCAT Solution
  • Interfaces with Mach4 through HiCON plugin
  • Free EtherCAT PC Software EC-Link for easy configuration
  • Built on proven and reliable HiCON Platform

EtherCAT Drives Tested

  • Omron 1S series
  • Delta ASDA-A2
  • Advantech AMAX I/O Block
  • Maxine EP3E-EC
  • Beijing CTB Technology 3-Axis Drives
  • Yaskawa SGD7S

Note: We will test more EtherCAT devices on request

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  • 34 Digital I/O (22 In, 12 Out)
  • 2 Relay N.O. Dry Contacts
  • (More to be added)


EC-Link is our custom designed EtherCAT configuration software. Easily setup and configure EtherCAT networks using a streamlined, reliable, and user-friendly interface.


Mach4 is the latest PC-based software solutions for CNC applications. When paired with the EC01, creates a state of the art CNC solution for machine-shop and industrial application.

The EC01 EtherCAT controller will support Mach4 Software via the reliable and proven Mach4 HiCON plugin.

(Available on this page upon release)

Mach4 HiCON System Config

Mach4 HiCON Axis Config

Mach4 HiCON Status

Mach4 EtherCAT Status

Price List

Part # Description Price Add to Order
EC01-2 EtherCAT Motion Controller (Max 2 Motors) $295 Add to order
EC01-4 EtherCAT Motion Controller (Max 4 Motors) $475 Add to order
EC01-6 EtherCAT Motion Controller (Max 6 Motors) $650 Add to order
EC01-8 EtherCAT Motion Controller (Max 8 Motors) $825 Add to order
EC01-12 EtherCAT Motion Controller (Max 12 Motors) $1195 Add to order


Mach4-Hobby Mach4-Hobby Software License $200 Add to order
MACH4-INDUSTRIAL Mach4-Industrial Software License $1295 Add to order
PW50V24 Power Supply 24V 2.2A 50W $40 Add to order