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EC01 is the latest in line of our HiCON series of motion controllers. It is an EtherCat Master Controller that works with the latest Mach4 software as well as custom Windows .Net apps. For Mach4 CNC software, our HiCON Mach4 plugin provides feature rich functionality to enable the best experience with Mach4 and Ethercat technologies.

  • Cost effective High Performance EtherCAT Master Device
  • Interfaces with Mach4 through HiCON plugin over separate Ethernet Port
  • Free PC Software 'EC-Link' for easy configuration of Ethercat Slave Devices
  • Compact form-factor with built in Digital and Analog I/O
  • No Special computer or motherboard required to run the Ethercat master
  • Use any Mach4 version of your choice - Hobby, Industrial or Expert
  • Built on proven and reliable HiCON Motion Controller Platform (Used 24/7 in many Industrial machine shops arround the world)
  • .Net Windows libraries for custom apps (coming soon)

List EtherCAT Drives and Modules in use by our customers:

  • Mitsubishi MR-JET, MR-J5, MR-J4
  • Mitsubishi MELSERVO-J5 - 3 Axis Drives
  • Omron 1S series
  • Yaskawa Sigma7 SGD7S
  • Yaskawa Sigma5 SGDV
  • Beckhoff I/O Modules EK1100, EL1004, EL2024...
  • Maxon EPOS4
  • Festo CMMT-AS, CMMT-ST (CMMT Only)
  • Advantech AMAX I/O Block
  • Rtelligent Ethercat Drives
  • JMC Ethercat Drives
  • Maxine EP3E-EC
  • Beijing CTB Technology 3-Axis Drives
  • Delta ASDA-A2
  • HiWIN EtherCAT
  • LeadShine EM3E-A882 (Automation Tech)

Note: Any EtherCAT Drive that supports CSP (Cyclic Synchronous Position) and any EtherCAT I/O Module with 1ms Cycle time should be compatible with EC01

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  • 8 Digital Inputs NPN Optical Isolated
  • 4 Digital Outputs NPN 1Amp ea Optical Isolated
  • 2 Relay N.O. Dry Contacts
  • Optional Expansion Plugs for 7535P and 7535N
  • PC Connection over Ethernet. No Special Motherboard Required.
  • Optional Analog Output 0-10V for spindle (Requires Activation at purchase-time)
  • Optional Encoder Input for Spindle Lathe Threading

EtherCAT AC Servo Motor & Drive Sets

The EP5 Servo Drive and Motor Sets boast an impressive set of features. Our excellent experience over the years with these drives prove thier reliability and workmanship:

  • Compact Drive built with the latest in Silicon Chip Technology
  • Durable and Resilient AC Servo Motors
  • Best in class performace, reliability and build quality
  • Drive output power in range of 100W-15kW
  • 3kHz speed loop response bandwidth
  • 23 Bit Single/Multiturn Absolute Encoder
Each set includes one driver, one motor, and 5 meters cables. If you would like to add the Brake option or order cable lengths longer than 5 meters (16.4ft), please mention your preference in order notes, or contact us via support email.


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Our SDO Tool allows the user to edit the Service Data Objects SDOs on the ethercat devices independentaly of Mach4. You can quickly read and test different SDO configuration values on your EtherCAT device, eg, Motor Drivers, I/O terminals, etc.

Download Available Here


Mach4 is the latest PC-based software solutions for CNC applications. When paired with the EC01, creates a state of the art CNC solution for machine-shop and industrial application.

The EC01 EtherCAT controller supports Mach4 Software via the reliable and proven Mach4 HiCON plugin. For the official production version of Mach4 plugin and related programs, please refer to the "EC01 Support Files" section below.

Mach Software and EC01 setup:

  1. Copy the HiCON plugin for Mach4 to the plugins folder in the Mach installation directory ("C:\Mach4\plugins").
  2. Perform all necessary configurations via the user friendly config screens.
  3. For more information, consult the Mach4 Integration manual available for download below.

Mach4 HiCON System Config

Mach4 HiCON Axis Config

Mach4 HiCON Status

Mach4 EtherCAT Status


HiCON Basic Setup Video

EtherCAT Mach4 EC01 Setup Guide

Optional Components for EC01 System

Advanced and production applications can also benefit from these add-ons:

AnaEnc-Expansion: Used for controlling spindle speed and read rpm/position feedback. This feature enables 0-10V analog output and one Encoder channel on the EC01 controller. It is required to be purchased along with the controller if needed.

7535 Board: The I/O Termination board (7535P or 7535N) provides additional optically isolated digital I/O on J1 socket. Each board has 16 input terminals and 8 output terminals. All I/O terminals are clearly marked for quick and easy installation.

ECAT-EXTIO[1]: Enables 24 additional I/O points on J1 socket. This feature is included with the purchase of 7535 I/O Board. It can also be purchased individually without the 7535 hardware. Please note that working directly with this port without optical isolation can damage the 3.3V pins.

Motor Activations[1]: This software feature specifies how many motors the EC01 is able to control at one time. The base EC01 comes with 4 activated motors. This can be upgraded to 6, 8, or 12 at any time.

Custom DRO Support[1]: This software feature allows the user to map PDOs to Mach4 Registers. For example Torque can be mapped and viewed in Mach4 as a DRO.

MACRO-PROGRAMMING[1]: This software feature allows the user to write custom programs (In C language)which can be downloaded to the controller for fast execution. Advantages of MACRO-PROGRAMMING Include:

  • Real-time program execution
  • Ultra-fast I/O manipulation
  • Extends Mach4 Scripting Functionality
  • Standalone Operation (No PC Control)

ECAT-CLOOP Activation[1]: This software feature allows Closed-Loop operation on the EC01 outside the usual Motor-Drive feedback loop. For example, when using a separate encoder or glass scale that the axis must track. The ECS1-AB can be connected to the EtherCAT chain to access additional encoder channels.

ArcPro Plasma features: M4ARCPRO software feature allows the use of ArcPro Plasma screen. 77ISO is required to read the plasma analog voltage. For packages and more information visit ARCPRO page.

[1] - These items may be purchased any time before or after shipping as they are software features

We are looking for your awesome videos showcasing your machine and our EC01 controller. Send us videos and get 10% to 20% discount (depends on quality) on your next purchase of any of our motion controller. If you dont plan to purchase, we will refund you as a gift for making the video.

Here are some pointers for creating a good demo video:
  • This is a good example video a previous customer made for us.
  • The video demonstrates a part being created.
  • The video specifically shows our controller wired up and operating in a clean well organized panel.
  • Lots of camera angles and good editing (high quality editing is not 100% necessary, but the video should at least look somewhat professional)
  • Ultimately the amount for the discount (upto 20%) will depend on the quality of the video. A high quality video can receive a high discount, while it may be hard to justify a discount if the video will be difficult to use for marketing.

Price List

Part # Description Price Add to Order
EC01-4 EtherCAT Motion Controller (Max 4 Motors) $595 Add to order
EC01-6 EtherCAT Motion Controller (Max 6 Motors) $695 Add to order
EC01-8 EtherCAT Motion Controller (Max 8 Motors) $795 Add to order
EC01-12 EtherCAT Motion Controller (Max 12 Motors) $995 Add to order
AnaEnc-Expansion Analog output 0-10V and Encoder (A,B,Z) Expansion for EC01 (Must be purchased along with the board) $95 Add to order
EC-CLOOP EtherCAT Closed Loop Activation $495 Add to order
EC-EXTIO EC01 Extended I/O Feature (Enable I/O on J1) Purchase of 7535 I/O board includes this feature! $200 Add to order
ETHERCAT_DRO Custom EtherCAT DRO Feature Activation $275 Add to order
M4ARCPRO Mach4 ArcPro Screen with THC Activation $350 Add to order
77ISO Plasma Tip Voltage Adapter Board $260 Add to order

EtherCAT I/O Module

ECS1-AB EtherCAT Multifunction I/O unit with dual encoder channels $425 Add to order


Mach4-Hobby Mach4-Hobby Software License $200 Add to order
MACH4-INDUSTRIAL Mach4-Industrial Software License $1295 Add to order
7535P 16in/8Out OptoIsolated PNP Sourcing Type I/O Board $275 Add to order
7535N 16in/8Out OptoIsolated NPN Sink Type I/O Board $275 Add to order
PW50V24 Power Supply 24V 2.2A 50W $40 Add to order
USB-MPG USB MPG Handwheel for use with Mach4 $295 Add to order

EtherCAT Motors and Drivers

YSK-EC-750 220V 750W YASKAWA SIGMA7 ETHERCAT DRIVE, 80mm 2.39Nm 3000rpm 750W Motor $1450 Add to order
GL3A0-80GSL01330_SET 400W ETHERCAT DRIVE+MOTOR SET, ABSOLUTE ENCODER, 80mm 1.27Nm 3000rpm 220V $565 Add to order
GL3A0-60GSL01330_SET 400W ETHERCAT DRIVE+MOTOR SET, ABSOLUTE ENCODER, 60mm 1.27Nm 3000rpm 220V $565 Add to order
GL7A5-80GSL02430_SET 750W ETHERCAT DRIVE+MOTOR SET, ABSOLUTE ENCODER, 80mm 2.39Nm 3000rpm 220V $585 Add to order
GL7A5-80GSL03230_SET 1KW ETHERCAT DRIVE+MOTOR SET, ABSOLUTE ENCODER, 80mm 3.18Nm 3000rpm 220V $595 Add to order
GL7A5-110GAL06020_SET 1KW ETHERCAT DRIVE+MOTOR SET, ABSOLUTE ENCODER, 110mm 6Nm 2000rpm 220V $650 Add to order
GL7A5-110GSL04030_SET 1KW ETHERCAT DRIVE+MOTOR SET, ABSOLUTE ENCODER, 110mm 4Nm 3000rpm 220V $650 Add to order
GL120-110GSL06025_SET 1.5KW ETHERCAT DRIVE+MOTOR SET, ABSOLUTE ENCODER, 110mm 6Nm 2500rpm 220V $695 Add to order