Motion Control

Vital Systems has many different motion controllers to choose from, each offering their own unique capabilities and features. This page aims to help you narrow down exactly which motion controller is for you.

Note that unless otherwise listed, all of our motion controllers are intended for use with Mach4. We also have our own Motion API for you to develop your own custom software with if desired.

HiCON Integra - Stepper Motion Controller

Vital System's best-selling motion controller, the HiCON Integra has a solid set of standard features sufficient for most projects, and room for expansion should the project grow.

Visit the HiCON Integra Page to learn more

Base Expansion
Stepper Channels 4 Up to 8
24V Inputs 16 Up to 48
24V Outputs 8 Up to 24
Relays 3 -
10V Analog Output 1 -
Encoder Channels 1 Single-Ended, 1 Differential Up to 9 Differential
MPG Handwheel Compatible -

EC01 - EtherCAT Motion Controller

The EC01 utilizes EtherCAT protocol to give access to nearly infinite expandable IO, up to 12 Axes, and advanced features such as receiving back Servo Data like Torque for display on your UI. Ultimately customizable and powerful, all with the simplicity of connecting simple Ethernet cables.

Visit the EC01 Page to learn more

DSPMC - Stepper/Analog Motion Controller

Vital System's premium motion controller, the DSPMC boasts the largest amount of expandable IO and Stepper/Analog channels in our catalogue. If there's any motion control challenge, the DSPMC is up to the task, no questions asked. Note that unlike the HiCON Integra, nearly all features of the DSPMC can be accessed at the same time with no conflicts. The DSPMC supports motion control through Stepper and/or Analog channels.

Visit the DSPMC Page to learn more

Stepper Channels 8
+/-10V Analog Output 8
+/-10V Analog Inputs 8
Inputs 64
Outputs 32
Encoder Channels 6 Differential, 8 Single-Ended (Can be differential with 7737)

HiCON Mini - Stepper Motion Controller

The HiCON Mini is a great option for smaller projects. With support for 4 Axes and closed-loop capabilities, the HiCON Mini could be just what you're looking for. The 77E4AN model also comes with an isolated 10V input for use with Plasma systems. With an impressive feature list and affordable price, the HiCON Mini is a bigger deal than its small size lets on.

Visit the HiCON Mini Page to learn more

Stepper Channels 4
NPN Inputs 6
NPN Outputs 4
Encoder Channels 4 Differential
Analog Input Isolated 10V

ArcPRO Plasma

Each of the Motion Controllers listed above are compatible with our ArcPRO Plasma system. Onboard Torch Height Control and a custom Mach4 screen to simplify the configuration of your system.

  • HiCON Integra
  • EC01
  • HiCON Mini (AN Version)
Visit the ArcPRO Plasma Page to learn more

Out of Production

These products are no longer being actively produced and supported. However limited stock may be available for replacements to existing systems.

Integra Blue - Stepper Motion Controller

The Predecessor to the current Black Integra, the Blue Integra also boasts an impressive set of features. However, this board has reached the end of production, and the limited supply is currently only being sold to replace parts on existing systems. If you are interested in this board as a new user, we instead recommend checking out the Integra Black.

If you are looking for a replacement Blue Integra (7766), it may be ordered at the bottom of the Black Integra page.

MotenC - Analog Motion Controller

The MOTENC-Lite PCI board is designed for PC based real-time systems controlling machines that require precision motion control. The MOTENC-Lite board is supported on EMC/EMC2 (Enhanced Machine Control) software.

For more information, you may visit the MotenC page.