AC Servo Motor Sets

Vital Systems provides a wide selection of servo motors, each tailored with distinct capabilities and features to suit various applications. Our comprehensive range ensures that you can find the ideal servo motor to meet your specific requirements. This page is dedicated to guiding you through our offerings, helping you select the perfect servo motor for your needs.

EtherCAT AC Servo Motor & Drive Sets

The EP5 Servo Drive and Motor Sets are equipped with great features. Our years of experience with these drives attest to their reliability and superior-quality. The compact drives utilize the latest silicon chip technology and robust AC servo motors, delivering outstanding performance, reliability, and build quality. They offer drive output power ranging from 100W to 15kW, with a high-speed loop response bandwidth of 3kHz. Equipped with a 23-bit single/multiturn absolute encoder, they ensure precise control and measurement. Each set includes one driver, one motor, and 5-meter cables.

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Yaskawa Sigma7 AC Servo Motors and Drives

The YASKAWA Sigma-7 Servo Drive series encompasses a diverse array of drive systems, including standard rotary motors, linear and rotary direct drives, and linear sliders. This extensive selection is designed to meet a wide range of market needs, offering solutions that are compact, highly dynamic, and efficient. With their low maintenance requirements and exceptional reliability, the Sigma-7 series ensures optimal performance for various applications.

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