Vital Systems offers a number of CNC control boards, software and accessories, each offering their own unique capabilities and features. Here is a overview of products related to your CNC machine.

ArcPro CNC Plasma Table Control Retrofit & Upgrade Kit

ArcPro is a high-performance plasma control system for industrial plasma machines, featuring Tip Voltage Sensor, and a motion controller with built-in torch height control. It allows operators to easily adjust cutting parameters and implements Anti-Dive features to prevent the torch from plunging into holes or corners. The system dynamically manages the Z-axis motion based on feedrate and tip voltage to ensure precise and safe cutting operations.

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ECS1 - EtherCAT Multi-Function Slave

The ECS1 EtherCAT Slave module, compatible with the EC01 EtherCAT Master controller, offers interfaces for Analog I/O, Digital I/O, Single-Ended Encoders, and a Relay Expansion header. It is a cost-effective, multi-function EtherCAT I/O module. Free PC software 'EC-Link' and comprehensive setup guides are available.

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Differential Step/Dir and Encoder Board (pn7737)

The pn7737 Differential Step/Dir and Encoder Board enables access to Step/Dir and additional Encoder channels for HiCON Integra and DSPMC motion controllers, facilitating plug-and-play setup with Yaskawa and Maxsine AC Servo Drives. It features color-coded RJ45 plugs, 4 Differential Encoder Channels, 4 Step/Dir Output Channels, Drive Enable, a General Purpose 24V NPN Output, Hardware Estop, and Drive Error Inputs. Connection diagrams for setup and wiring are available.

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Digital I/O Termination Board (pn 7535P & 7535N)

The Digital I/O Termination Board (pn 7535P & 7535N) features 16 optically isolated inputs and 8 outputs, connecting to a motion controller via a 26-pin ribbon cable. Each I/O is clearly marked for easy installation and includes LEDs for status indication. The 7535P model offers PNP (sourcing) I/O, while the 7535N provides NPN (sinking) I/O. The board supports input voltages from 12-30V DC and output currents up to 2 Amps per channel.

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Breakout Board for DSPMCv3 w/ Cable

The Breakout Board for DSPMCv3, complete with a cable, provides convenient termination points for easy connection to DSPMCv3's I/O pins. It facilitates access to Analog Inputs/Outputs and Encoder Channels, simplifying the wiring and integration process. This board is designed to enhance the ease of use and expand the functionality of the DSPMCv3 system. It's ideal for users needing straightforward access to various I/O points.

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