Factory Automation And Controls

Hobby Plasma Combo

This Discount package works with the Default Mach4 plasma screen. Package Includes:
  • Mach4 Hobby License
  • 7854 4-Motor Integra Controller
  • Tip Voltage Adapter board
  • 24V power supply
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Hobby Plasma VS ArcPro

We also offer ArcPro Plasma screen which has more advanced features. Please the ArcPro web page for more details.

Mach4 Hobby
Advanced Anti-Dive Protection
Response Delay
6 Milliseconds
40 Milliseconds
Reverse Torch In XY Direction
Tip Voltage Adapter Mounts Directly Onto Integra
Optional Closed Loop Activation

Price List

Part # Description Price Add to Order
HobbyPlasmaSet-4 Hobby Plasma Set 4 Motor Channels $780 Add to order
HobbyPlasmaSet-6 Hobby Plasma Set 6 Motor Channels $880 Add to order


Part # Description Price Add to Order
Mach4-Hobby Mach4-Hobby Software License $200 Add to order
77ISO Plasma Tip Voltage Adapter Board $95 Add to order
PW50V24 Power Supply 24V 2.2A 50W $40 Add to order
7854 HiCON Integra Motion Controller 4-Motors $495 Add to order
7866 HiCON Integra Motion Controller 6-Axis $595 Add to order