Factory Automation And Controls

Industrial-Grade CNC Controls kit for building/retrofitting a plasma/flame cutting table requiring Torch Height Control. This kit includes pre-configured Controls and Software to quickly retrofit most CNC Plasma tables. We can also customize the kit to match your specific system requirements. This package include remote login tech-support for one year in case you need us to checkout your system.


Hassle-Free Installation
All components and Mach4 are factory preconfigured with settings and parameters specifically for plasma cutting for hassle-free, and near plug-and-play installations/retrofits.

Compatible for Almost Any Plasma Machine
This package is highly customizable to suit virtually any plasma machine requirement/specification with options available for the Control System, Motors and Drives, or even the CNC Software.

Our Quality Guarantee
Being in the Industrial Automation and CNC field for over 10 years, our experienced engineers are more than capable of developing Machine Controls for several types of industrial applications from small-job machines, all the way up to full Warehouse Automation.

Package Components

  • CNC Control PC with Windows 10 and SSD installed for smooth-as-silk operation, and blazing-fast boot times of less than 15 seconds.
    Specs: DELL All-in-One Computer Inspiron (or similar), i3059-3156BLK, Intel i3 (2.30 GHz), 4 GB DDR3, 256GB SSD, 19.5" LCD Touchscreen, Windows 10 64-Bit
  • 6-Axis Motion Controller with high precision motion to suit almost any complex job requiring varying degrees of cutting movement.
  • YASKAWA Sigma7 750W AC Servo Motor-Drive Set for efficient performance and industrial-grade results even on those 24/7 operation times. We also offer the kit with Maxsine Servo Drives and motor for even better pricing. Package includes 4 motor and drive sets.
  • Torch Height Controller for automated Plasma Torch vertical adjustment.
  • ArcPro Plasma Screen for Mach4 CNC Software.
  • MPG Pendant with 6 axis selector.
  • Preconfigured System for quick installation. Follow the conneciton diagram provided to retrofit the table. Turn on the PC and you will be able to start controlling the servos in no time.

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